Kirkwood police looking for suspects behind vehicle break-ins -

Kirkwood police looking for suspects behind vehicle break-ins

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UPDATE:  Police believe two suspects, the woman and man pictured above, are responsible for the car break ins.

Authorities also said the debit card that was stolen was used to make three purchases at a Wal Mart in Jefferson County totaling $300. 

(KMOV) – The Kirkwood Police Department is investigating a string of vehicle break-ins.

Officers were called to reports of vehicle break-ins in the 2200 block of Marshall Road and the 500 block of South Kirkwood Road on Wednesday afternoon.

By 9 p.m.that night police had responded to six additional break-ins in the 100 block of West Jefferson and eight others incidents in the 1200 block of South Kirkwood Road.

In some cases cars had been left unlocked, other vehicles had their windows smashed or locks damaged.

Police said wallets, debit cards, and various electronics were reported stolen. Police say many of the items taken were left in plain view.

Anyone with information regarding any of these incidents is asked to contact Det. Scott Peterson at (314) 984-6902.

Kirkwood Police are stressing the importance of not leaving items of value in plain view while vehicles are left unattended.

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