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Wildwood considering new safety zones to combat speeding

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By KMOV.com Staff By KMOV.com Staff

 (KMOV) -- The city council in Wildwood will be asked to make a decision on a proposed safety zone that would double fines for drivers caught breaking the law on Prospector Ridge Drive.  

Public Works Director Ryan Thomas told News 4 that some residents in the subdivision complained about speeders in their neighborhood.  In response, the Wildwood precinct of the St. Louis County Police Department conducted two speed studies.

In the first study, police reported that 58.5-percent of vehicles were clocked traveling over the posted 25 mph speed limit during a seven day period from August 22 to August 29.

 From September 19 to September 26, 30.6=percent of cars sped.

The results of the speed studies and the neighborhood's proximity to a facility that is used by children qualified Prospector Ridge Drive for consideration for the "Drive 25, Keep Kids Alive" program, said Thomas.  

There is a community pool and tennis courts on Prospector Ridge Drive.

"Those types of designations are only applied in situations where there is a documented speeding problem and in areas such as this, where there are more children present," said Thomas.

Already, Wildwood has about half a dozen of the "Keep Kids Alive, Drive 25" safety zones.  If a driver is caught and ticketed for a moving violation, fines double.  Signs spell out a maximum penalty of $1,000.

Neighborhoods without parks, schools, or recreation centers would not see the implementation of these special kid safety zones.

"We don't want to have that designation lose its strength by being more widespread.  It has to be in areas where the speeding problems are most prevalent," said Thomas.

Other traffic calming measures are also up for debate along Prospector Ridge Drive.  A three-way stop sign may be added at the intersection of Still Creek Pass.  

The city council is expected to make a decision about the recommendations on Monday night at its council meeting.

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