Thirteen-year cicadas return with ear-piercing vengeance -

Thirteen-year cicadas return with ear-piercing vengeance

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

(KMOV) – Even before you see them, by their ear-piercing sound, you know the cicadas have arrived.

This year marks the return of the cicadas, who have a 13-year cycle. Thirteen years ago, the female cicadas laid eggs in slits she created in small twigs. When the eggs hatched, the nymphs dropped to the ground where they’ve fed on small roots ever since.

Exterminators have spikes that go into the ground, which will eliminate the cicadas. The main ingredient comes from flowers like chrysanthemums and marigolds.

The cicadas are not harmful, except maybe to a small sapling.

Dogs love the bugs, but gorging on them could make dogs sick. Experts say in moderation, they’re good for canines and people. “Chop the wings and the legs, the beak and the head – chop them and stir fry them. They’re really good,” says Dr. Gerardo Camillo of St. Louis University.

The cicadas have been underground for the last 13 years and recently hatched. They will be gone in a few weeks and won’t be back for another 13 years.

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