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Every marker tells a story... here's one

There are approximately 183,000 veterans and their spouses buried at Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery, making it the fifth largest in the country.

I met a mother and two daughters representing one of those markers at Monday morning's Memorial Day ceremony.

Joanne Hall's husband, a marine corps veteran of Vietnam, died in 2005.  While she comes to visit his gravesite about once a week, today was the first Memorial Day she came.

"I've wanted to come every year since I lost my husband," Hall told me.  "I figured I'd end up a puddle because it's so emotional, but my girls are here and they give me the strength to be here."

One of her girls, Kristine Julius has been coming the past four years.  She's glad to finally have her mother and her sister join her on what is clearly a difficult day for the family.

"I think this is one way not to forget him but to move on and show our appreciation for what our dad and all these men have done for our country," Julius told me.

I asked her sister Karrie Mounts what made her able to make it out here for Memorial Day for the first time since her father died.

"TIme," she said.  "Time heals most wounds and we figured it was time to come."

The three ladies are at peace because they know their beloved father/husband is at peace.  Joanne Hall remembers walking in the cemetery with her husband and him telling her how beautiful it was and how this was where he was supposed to be one day. 

It was the right place for his family to be this day.

Mark Schnyder is a reporter at KMOV-TV.  He can be reached at mschnyder@kmov.com.


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