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1 Suspect in St. Louis ATM heist likely in Middle East

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ST. LOUIS (AP) -- One of the suspects in a robbery at an ATM serving company in St. Louis last year has probably fled to the Middle East with some of the $6.6 million loot taken in the brazen crime, an attorney for another of the suspects said.

Sufian "Sam" Rahman, who is accused of helping to plan last summer's robbery at ATM Solutions, is believed to have fled to his native Jordan, attorney Gregory Wittner said Thursday.

Rahman's comments came after his client, Hussein "Vinny" Odeh, 24, pleaded guilty to federal charges after admitting that he supplied a car used in the robbery and hid some of the money, The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported.

Odeh is from Jordan and faces immigration issues connected to the case.

Four people forced their way into the business Aug. 2 and stole the money in one of the largest robberies every in St. Louis. They took firearms from both employees and tied them up, then forced them to help place the money into an ATM Solutions van after deciding their car would not hold all the money, the U.S. Attorney's office has said.

Also Thursday, Candi Goodson of St. Louis County turned herself in after being charged with knowingly transporting stolen currency. She is one of several people accused of having peripheral roles in the crime.

John Wesley Jones, 36, and Ryechine Money, 32, have pleaded guilty to holding up company. Larry Newman, 20, has been charged with participating in the holdup but pleaded not guilty and awaits trial.

About $3.3 million of the money has not yet been recovered.

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