NYC project IDs more than 4,000 Civil War graves -

NYC project IDs more than 4,000 Civil War graves

NEW YORK (AP) -- A project at Brooklyn's Green-Wood Cemetery hopes to identify the approximately 8,000 Civil War veterans buried beneath the green expanse in one of New York City's outer boroughs.  

The first Civil War casualty to be buried in Green-Wood Cemetery was Clarence McKenzie, a 12-year-old drummer for a New York regiment killed in an accidental shooting in Maryland in 1861. 

By the time the war ended four years later, there were many more. 

Historians think about 200 soldiers and sailors who died during America's bloodiest war are buried at Green-Wood. Thousands of other Civil War veterans were buried there after the conflict ended in 1865. A team of volunteers and staff has spent nearly a decade trying to identify all those graves.  

So far, about 4,600 graves have been identified.  

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