Gunfire got the good guys twice in the same neighborhood -

Gunfire got the good guys twice in the same neighborhood

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Police say the bad guys don't want to go where they think they'll get caught.

"They don't want to be in a neighborhood where neighbors actually call police," Sgt. Dennis says. "[Criminals] want to be in a neighborhood where nobody gets involved."

Police urge you to start a Neighborhood Watch where you live. Contact police by email at or by phone at (314) 444.5638 to get started.



A man is shot in the chest while trying to stop a burglar. This is the second time in the last two weeks that a watchful neighbor has been shot while trying to help.

Gunfire got the good guys -- twice -- in the same neighborhood. Police tell me they're on the right track and urge them to keep fighting back.

"There was another guy trying to help him, and unfortunately, he laid under the guillotine," Tiffany Carson-Washington, the victim's neighbor, says. "You know, he got shot trying to help somebody out."

In Dutchtown South on Tuesday night a man heard glass breaking at the apartment below his. But when he walked outside to check it out, he came face to face with the burglar, who shot him -- twice. He's expected to survive.

Police applaud his efforts to stop the thief but warn others to be careful.

"The residents are doing the right thing because they want to get involved," St. Louis Metropolitan Police Sgt. Catherine Dennis says. "They're wanting to take back their neighborhoods."

Two weeks ago and just half a mile away Paul Reiter lost his life when he interrupted a burglar next door. He was shot to death when the thief realized he'd been caught.

Police recommend before investigating and putting yourself in harm's way, call 911, then your neighbors.

"Contact each other and several people can look from a different distance or a different angle and have a better view and better description of the suspect," Sgt. Dennis says.

A neighborhood watch can be your best crime fighting defense.

"I would defiitely hope somebody would do it for me, and I would definitely do it for somebody else," Carson-Washington says.

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