Rental car company with personal property tax problems -

Rental car company with personal property tax problems

After a News 4 investigation into a local car company accused of renting cars without insurance, we received a call from the St. Louis County Assessor. Jake Zimmerman informed us they are investigating Aboard Rent A Car for failing to pay personal property taxes. Zimmerman says that the owner of Aboard Rent A Car, Zukky Oderine, owes St. Louis County thousands of dollars. Plus, since Oderine has not filed the required property tax declarations, the Assessor does not know how many cars Oderine owns.

Oderine’s Attorney says that Aboard Rent A Car paid their 2010 personal property taxes. But the company had received another tax bill for an additional $2,235 from the Assessor’s office. Now Aboard is trying to determine how many cars the company actually owns. Zimmerman’s office originally told us they believed Oderine owns 77 cars and that none of this would be an issue if the company made the proper personal property tax declaration.
At the same time News 4 received a call from Scott Massie. He told us an uninsured driver behind the wheel of an Aboard rental Car hit his wife’s car while driving on interstate 70. Massie says Aboard eventually provided an out dated insurance policy. He also received a call from Oderine who offered to trade Massie a new Grand Marquis to replace the one that was damaged by the uninsured driver. But Massie does not want a car from Oderine; he just wants the money to recoup his loss.
Oderine’s Attorney tells News 4 they are working to negotiate a resolution with Scott Massie.
Also, once the company determines how many vehicles Aboard owns, they will pay the full tax bill.
But as for whether the company has insurance on their rental car fleet, that question remains unanswered.

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