St. Louis officials bust men illegally dumping trash -

St. Louis officials bust men illegally dumping trash

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

(KMOV) - People caught red handed dumping trash illegally in St. Louis. They're taking their trash behind homes and just leaving it. News 4 first told you about this last month and this time, News 4's Lindsay Bramson was there when when police swooped in.

In the last 4 months, 75 hidden cameras have caught hundreds of people trashing the city of St. Louis.

News 4 asked 2 men being arrested why they think it's okay to use the city as their own personal trash can. Their response? They don't know anything about it.  Police called 2 men with Theo's Hauling Service and told them they needed help hauling away debris and other trash.  The guys didn't know they were being set up. Police have been trying to catch these dumpers for 2 months after a hidden camera caught them dumping trash in a north St. Louis neighborhood.

One man tried to say it wasn't him in the picture.  However, he was wearing the same orange hat the day he was arrested that the man in the picture is wearing.

Sgt. Ron Hasty with the St. Louis Police Department says, "the pictures are clear. They can debate it if they want but its pretty clear when we show them the pictures."

He goes on to say, " these are the type of people that are out here riding around dumping in our neighborhoods and they're not even properly licensed."

Hasty says a lot of times people don't even have a business license. "It makes you feel sick inside" says one south city woman who has trash dumped behind her home constantly. Her husband even goes on to say "we shouldn't have to live like this. I shouldn't have to be afraid to come out at night and bring my trash out and be attacked by a rat."

While police can't say for sure yet, they believe all the debris being dumped lately is from the good Friday storms.

Their theory is for a small fee, the guys would take away the debris and dump it somewhere.

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