Baby boomers fueling spikes in knee, hip surgeries -

Baby boomers fueling spikes in knee, hip surgeries

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By Lakisha Jackson By Lakisha Jackson

SAN DIEGO (AP) -- We're becoming a nation of bum knees, worn-out hips and sore shoulders. And it's not just the Medicare set who's suffering. Baby boomer bones and joints also are taking a pounding, spawning a boom in operations to fix them.  

Research shows knee replacement surgeries have doubled over the last decade and more than tripled in the 45-to-64 age group. Hips are trending that way, too.  

It's not all due to obesity. Ironically, trying to stay fit and avoid extra pounds is taking a toll on a generation that believes that bad joints can be swapped out like old tires on a car.  

A suburban Philadelphia surgeon calls it "Boomeritis" or "fix-me-itis." Dr. Nicholas DiNubile says it's a mindset of "fix me at any cost, turn back the clock."  

He says the boomers "are the first generation trying to stay active in droves on an aging frame" and are less willing to put up with the consequences.  

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