Lifeguard pay of $200K riles California beach city -

Lifeguard pay of $200K riles California beach city

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. (AP) -- Fulltime lifeguards in the Southern California city of Newport Beach are fending off complaints that they are overcompensated after a city budget report revealed almost all of them made more than $100,000 in total compensation last year.  

Two of the 13 fulltime guards made more than $200,000 in compensation, including salary, overtime, medical and pension benefits and the lowest-paid lifeguard made almost $100,000.  

The lifeguards say they are considered public safety employees and hold ranks of captain and battalion chief in the city's Fire Department, which oversees them.  

They train and supervise more than 200 seasonal lifeguards, run a lucrative junior lifeguard program and oversee nearly seven miles of beaches.  

The city wants to cut four of the 13 positions to half-time and scale back on pensions.  

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