Blagojevich defense says Monk is a 'rich kid' -

Blagojevich defense says Monk is a 'rich kid'

CHICAGO (AP) -- The defense at Rod Blagojevich's retrial is trying to portray a government witness as a "rich kid" who betrayed his old friend's trust.
Blagojevich's college buddy-turned-top aide, Lon Monk, took the stand for a second day Wednesday so the defense could cross-examine him. Monk told jurors on Tuesday that Blagojevich tried to squeeze executives for cash.
Defense attorney Sheldon Sorosky asked Monk if Blagojevich hired him "because he trusted you and you were his friend?" Sorosky then referred to Monk's upbringing in California as the son of a doctor and to Blagojevich's working-class background.
Sorosky asked, "Is it fair to say, you were the rich kid from California and (Blagojevich) was the poor kid from the northwest side of Chicago?"
The judge sustained prosecutors' objections to both questions.
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