Man reaches personal milestone: eating 25,000 Big Macs -

Man reaches personal milestone: eating 25,000 Big Macs

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By Richard Drew By Richard Drew


(KMOV)-- A Wisconsin man is celebrating a strange feat: he has eaten 25,000 Big Macs.
Don Gorske, 57, said he got started 39 years ago.
“I was 18-years-old, with a car, (with) all my adrenaline and everything like that. I could eat my favorite food every day, and… I just never stopped,” Gorske said.
The retired prison guard ate nine Big Macs that first day.
He says he eats two on most days, and has gone without his favorite sandwich only eight days in the last 39 years.
Gorske is trim and walks regularly for exercise. He attributes his build to being “hyperactive,” and was recently given a clean bill of health, including low cholesterol.
His last Big Mac-free day was Thanksgiving of 2000, when he forgot to stock up, and the store was closed for the holiday.
Gorske said that his wife jokes about ending his streak. “When she has to put them in a blender, it’s over,” he said.

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