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Hazelwood school district revamps security following alleged attack

(KMOV)-- Hazelwood school district is taking action two weeks after a middle school student says she was sexually assaulted in a bathroom.
Top administrators have decided that all students must show a signed sheet that gives them permission to be in the hallway while classes are in session. 
Staff members will be asking students why they are in the hallways.
Administrators say supervision throughout the building will improve.

Additional staff members will be assigned to designated areas of the building to check restrooms and hallways on a more frequent basis, both during school hours and during after school activities until 4:30 p.m.

These changes follow an incident in which two boys from Hazelwood West Middle School allegedly attacked a girl while two others are accused of acting as look outs.

The new security plan says staff restrooms will be locked throughout the day and student rest-rooms will be locked during class time. Student restrooms will open only during the lunch hour.

All exterior doors will be locked during school hours and emergency exit doors in the stairwells will be locked allowing students and visitors to exit the building but not re-enter. 
School officials say that staff and students who fail to follow these new procedures could face disciplinary action.

In addition, all students must wear ID badges at all times while in school making it easier to spot someone who should not be in the building.

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