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Heat Wave Stats

The heat wave numbers from this Summer are impressive and altering the record books.

-4th Hottest July on record.

-10 days at 100 or hotter.  Last time we did that was 1988 (a brutally hot and dry Summer)

-As of August 3rd we have reports of 18 deaths from the heat in the St. Louis area.  Many of these were elderly in homes with air conditioning but it was not turned on (all the more reason to check on your friends, family and neighbors)  Cool Down St. Louis is a great resource to help you do that!

-Two stretches with an excessive heat warning

-This most recent Excessive Heat Warning has lasted 19 days!

Enough already!!  At least that's my opinion, I am over this heat and done with Summer.  I do see some cooling, though it's a slow process.  Mid to low 90s late week through the weekend.  Then by mid to late next week we may have a day or two with highs in the 80s. 

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