Illinois union workers approve contract with Honeywell -

Illinois union workers approve contract with Honeywell

METROPOLIS, Ill. (AP) -- A 13-month lockout of Honeywell workers at a southern Illinois plant that helps make nuclear fuel is about to be over.
The union-backed workers on Tuesday voted to approve a three-year contract that was reached about two weeks ago between bargainers for New Jersey-based Honeywell and the roughly 230 affected workers in Metropolis.
The ratification of the deal doesn't mean the workers will return immediately to their jobs. They first must undergo federally mandated retraining and recertification that a spokesman for the union local says will begin on Aug. 15 and take about two weeks.
All of the affected workers may be back on the job sometime next month.
The Metropolis plant begins refining uranium for eventual use in nuclear power plants.


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