Chimpanzee feeds tiger cub at Thai zoo -

Chimpanzee feeds tiger cub at Thai zoo

A two-and-half-year-old male chimpanzee named Dodo has been trained to feed tiger cubs out of a bottle. He showed Reuters TV his skills on Saturday at the Samut Prakarn Crocodile Farm and Zoo, about 40 kilometers south east of Bangkok in Thailand.

Dodo has been feeding the cubs, aged between three weeks to five months, every day for more than a year.

Dodo's trainers say they wanted to challenge the chimp and since he showed no fear of the tiger cubs, they worked with him until he picked up the habit.

Although, they say, sometimes he ignores his feeding tasks, and just wants to play.

"He just fed the cub but he also teased the tiger by taking out the milk bottle," said 10-year-old Raksika Chueawong, who is visiting the zoo.

Zoo workers say Dodo and the cubs attract many tourists who love taking pictures.

"They are cute. They are just a young animals. They play together. The zoo keepers trained the chimp, and they also ordered the chimp to play with the tigers," said 48-year-old Jakkrit Jakrabatra.

Trainers say Dodo learned how to feed the cubs in no time.

"It's not difficult as he knows how to hold the bottle. I just teach him a little bit to hold it and stay with the cubs. As I've been teaching him everyday so he can do it -- but sometimes play with them too," said 35-year-old Sirinaj who has been working at the zoo for 20 years.

Dodo and the cubs, who are about the same size, enjoy a good romp and wrestle. But soon the cubs will outgrow Dodo and will be moved to an area more suited to their size.



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