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Lloyds decision to return may depend on McDaniels

(FootballStL) -- The St. Louis Rams went chunk of the year without a consistent number one wideout until Brandon Lloyd came via trade in mid-October this season.  But the question is will the Rams be able to retain their leading receiver?

Lloyd, who caught 51 passes in 11 games with the Rams, hinted after the 34-27 loss to the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday that his decision during free agency may depend on the coaching staff which has since been removed and left with only offense coordinator Josh McDaniels.

McDaniels was Lloyd’s head coach when he was selected to his only Pro Bowl in 2010.  And when Lloyd was traded to the Rams he quickly became the team’s leading receiver and main target in McDaniels’ offense.

But despite being the only Rams coach currently under contract, McDaniels’ future is anything but certain.  The next head coach of the Rams may decide to let him go.  In addition, there have been reports that McDaniels could become the next head coach in Kansas City or be rehired by the New England Patriots. 

“A position that Josh McDaniels may or may not take next year is a factor in my decision of free agency.  It is not the only factor.  It is a factor,” Lloyd said on Sunday.

Lloyd also stated that he thought the coaching staff deserved at least one more year and added “obviously I’m just a player who came here in midseason.”

The good news for Rams fans who want Lloyd to return is that he called his time in St. Louis as a positive one and a “great move” despite being on a two-win team.

by Scott Bierman, FootballStL

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