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Drink and drive? Here are better alternatives

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(KMOV) -- We'll ring in the new year Saturday night, and you might celebrate with some drinks.

You may have seen a lot of buzz on Facebook and Twitter about Tipsy Tow, a free tow service for new year's eve party-goers offered by AAA.  But, it is not offered here in the metro.  Partiers looking for a free ride home should enlist a designated driver, but if you're willing to shell out a few bucks, I found several safe ways to get home. 

With all of the options to get home in one piece this New Year's Eve, there's really no reason to drink and drive.  If you're seeing double after too many drinks, some bartenders will call a ride for you. Cab Alert dials a cab driver, who will drive you home for free and back to your car in the morning.

It's sponsored by Laclede Cab, Anhueser-Busch and the beer distributorships for bars in St. Louis city and county and local residents.  The bartenders have the number to use at his or her discretion. 

New Year's Eve is the busiest night of the year for St. Louis are cab companies.

 "We'll have probably 100-120 cars on the road tomorrow night," Mark Sellmeyer, dispatcher at Laclede Cab, said.

Drivers are ready to pick up revelers who may have one too many.

"All of our time orders are suspended. We're not taking any time orders, so you have to call when you're ready to go," Sellmeyer said.  "Expect waits.  You're not going to get a cab in  five to 10 minutes." 

But you can name your time and place by using a designated driver service.  It will cost a little more and reservations are filling up quickly.           

"It's a lot cheaper than a DWI!" Jack Dudek, a patron at Sports Attic in Rock Hill, said.

Both St. Louis Designated Driver and ScooterGuy will come to you. 

"Two people show up to your location. One will drive you home in your own vehicle and the other chases behind," Chad Ballinger, St. Louis Designated Driver owner, said. 

"Then you get home and when you wake up your car is there and everything is good to go, and you don't have to ask your neighbor or your friend to take you back to your car," Michael Oliver, ScooterGuy owner, said.

"So much is off your mind," Dudek said.  "You can sit there and enjoy the night knowing that someone is there to get you home safe." 

It's a good idea to plug numbers for cab or driver companies into your phone now so that you'll have it on speed dial when you need it.


Laclede Cab: 314.652.TAXI

County Cab/Yellow Cab: 314.993.TAXI

ABC Cab: 314.725.2111


ScooterGuy: 855.SCOOT.4U or 314.255.1800



St. Louis Designated Driver: 314.330.6598


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