NYC mayor to take stand in ex-operative's trial -

NYC mayor to take stand in ex-operative's trial

NEW YORK (AP) -- Mayor Michael Bloomberg is set to take the stand in a grand larceny trial of a former campaign operative.
He's expected to answer questions Monday from prosecutors who say the mayor was bilked out of more than $1 million and from defense lawyers who claim Bloomberg is using the case to cover up unsavory campaign practices.
On trial is John Haggerty, accused of convincing the mayor and his staff to pay for a $1.1 million poll-monitoring operation that never materialized. Haggerty allegedly used most of the money to buy a house.
Defense cross-examination of the mayor promises to be tense. Defense lawyers in their opening statements flatly accused Bloomberg of "campaign fraud." Bloomberg's spokesman says the tactics are a sign of desperation.
Bloomberg is not accused of any wrongdoing.

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