Students accused of stealing iPads at De Soto High School are ar -

Students accused of stealing iPads at De Soto High School are arrested at school assembly

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

(KMOV) -- Four Missouri teenagers are facing serious charges; Friday, they were arrested during the middle of a school assembly.

De Soto police say the teens had an elaborate plan to steal new iPads and computers. Police say they pulled it off sometime during last weekend and call it the epitome of an inside job.

"Some of these kids were actually real good students from what the principal was saying to us," De Soto Police Sgt. Bryan Agee said.

Police say some bad decisions landed these four teens facing a felony charge: Tate Jacobsen, Zachary King, Joseph Middleton and Samuel Pona are accused of breaking into De Soto High School.

It was no easy feat. Police say they used a ladder to climb onto the roof, then drilled into a window and pried it open. The teens then allegedly broke into a locked cabinet to steal 23 iPads and six laptop computers.

Police busted them this morning after they receieved a tip that the students were trying to sell the stolen electronics. Detectives recovered all of the stolen electronics and returned them to the high school. They say it's not the first time students have stolen from the school.

"Would you expect to almost see more crimes in schools -- like this -- as technology increases?" I asked.

"Yes, because the iPads -- they're valuable, and you look at $25,000 worth of computer equipment and it's very tempting for these kids," Sgt. Agee said.

Friday evening the teens were booked into the Jefferson County jail. Charges are pending against another accomplice.

No one from the school could be reached for comment.

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