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Utility customers still reeling from high energy bills

(KMOV.com) -- A lot of utility customers are still reeling from high bills they racked up during our Summer heat wave.

News 4 gets calls every day from people looking for help with their utility bills.  Some new money is becoming available, but there's concern in St. Louis about who is going to help get those in need signed up for assistance.

The Human Development Corporation is an organization would some residents would go to get assistance, but it is shutdown and being reorganized after an audit found missing money.  Officials with the City say assistance is still available, but it is not convenient.

Residents in St. Louis City who have received assistance in the past can still get it, but they will have to apply directly to the Department of Social Services.

If you are affected, here is how to get an application:

1) Call the Community Action Agency of St. Louis County at 314-863-0015.  They will mail you an application.  They will not process the application, so there is no need to go there in person.

2) You can download the application online.  Click here to download the application.

Since there will be less money available, officials are suggesting people seriously consider making their homes as energy efficient as possible.  That can be as simple as a programmable thermostat.  For more information on making your home more efficient, click here.

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