Credit the Cardinals; they got it done -

Credit the Cardinals; they got it done

(News 4 Investigates) -- Time to eat my words; I said there wouldn’t be post season baseball for the Cardinals in 2011, and I was wrong. The Birds pulled off a near miracle going 23-9 to close out the season; it’s time to give credit to the Cards, job well done, but it’s not over.
When the Cardinals were 10 ½ out in late August I thought there was no chance for the St. Louis.  But everyone in that clubhouse refocused, kept their focus, and refused to give up.  How did they do it? Pitching got better, offense clicked, and they received a lot of help from other teams. But lets make one thing clear, the players and coaching staff deserve all the credit, at the end, THEY GOT THE JOB DONE. 
After exerting so much mental and physical energy down the stretch, the question I have is, ‘how much gas is left in the tank?’ Sure momentum is riding high, but hopefully the Cardinals can use these next couple of days to recharge their batteries because they’ll need to.  
Philadelphia is an exceptionally skilled and tough team.  The Cardinals went 6-3 against the Phils this year while their pitching staff’s ERA against Philly was 1.15, impressive, yes, but throw a lot of that out the window. This is the playoffs and you start from scratch.  One thing I will say for St. Louis, this team was incredible relaxed and loose during their historic run to close out the regular season. If they want to have a shot at defeating Philly in the NLDS they’ll need to stay that way; an uptight ‘Tony Team’ won’t win, stay loose and who knows what can happen. 
--Jeff Abeln, News 4 Sports

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