Note to Cardinals: Get it together -

Note to Cardinals: Get it together

(News 4 Sports) -- The Cardinals continue to drive me insane this season, but just as it’s difficult not to glance at an accident scene as you drive by, I can’t seem to turn off the tube these last few games.
I understand that baseball is a fickle game and sometimes you can’t explain why one team is better than another some nights, but Monday night’s defeat at the hands of Houston was awful. 

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The Redbirds squandered far too many opportunities (3 for 13 with runners in scoring position), they continue to prove they are THE WORST base running team in the big leagues, and when the Cards needed a stellar outing from Jaime Garcia, who just a few months ago signed a $27.5 million dollar extension, he couldn't’t shut down a team who’s lost 104 games? PLEASE.

Besides Lance Berkman, I’d expect some of the other ‘big guns’ to step up tonight offensively. The Redbirds have scored ten runs in their last four games and that lack of offensive production will not cut it tonight. Jake Westbrook takes the hill for St. Louis and they will need to score at least five runs to contend for a victory. Westbrook has to stay low in the zone and if his sinker is moving effectively then he should be fine.
Can the Cardinals win tonight? Yeah I think they can, and I expect them to, but I’m more worried about the Braves. For some reason, I keep thinking that Atlanta has to roar out of this funk they’ve been in for a few weeks and get back to playing solid baseball. Roy Oswalt makes the start for the Phillies and Derek Lowe for Atlanta. 
St. Louis has gone through every bit of adversity a team can handle this year, and to their credit, the Birds have found a way to prevail, so here’s how I see the regular season ending…They win tonight, Braves lose tonight....That means a ‘play-in’ game is set for Thursday at Busch Stadium. Chris Carpenter would most likely start that game and there’s no way in the world Carp would fall flat on this face in the biggest game at Busch in a few years. Didn’t think I’d say this, especially after how many times the Cardinals disappointed this season, but I believe they will win the wild card in the end.
--Jeff Abeln, News 4 Sports

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