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Rams dismantled by the Ravens at the dome

(News 4 Sports) -- There are plenty of terms in sports for when a team doesn’t do well. I don’t like to use some of them; ‘heartless,’ and ‘didn’t show up,’ come to mind. With that said, I will use a term to describe Sunday’s loss to the Ravens, flat out ‘embarrassing.’
This team’s start is absolutely dreadful and it’s only going to get worse before it gets better. To kick off Sam Bradford’s post-game press conference he was asked how to sum up the defeat, he responded with, “um, I’m not even sure where to start.” And I’m with you Sam, neither do I. At this point you can’t even tell which part of the team is the worst. Is it the offensive line with their pitiful pass protection? Is it the corners? Is it the wide receivers that are far too inconsistent? All I know is this ship is sinking rapidly and to be honest I don’t know if it can be turned around.
Sunday it seemed the Rams kept getting punched in the mouth and everyone from the coaches to the players didn’t do anything about it. Head coach Steve Spagnuolo said afterwards, “they came in with a little different approach then we thought. They were laying it down-field and they were successful at doing it. Had they missed a few of those maybe it would have been a little different.” Well coach, why weren’t adjustments made sooner? Spags, his staff, and the players seemed confused, and shell-shocked.
I’m not shocked whatsoever this team is 0-3 thus far. However, I am shocked at how they arrived at this mark. I believe General Manager Billy Devaney and his staff did an outstanding job in the off-season acquiring free agents and that’s why I’m stunned at how bad the Rams have played. Could this team have one win to its name if Steven Jackson or Danny Amendola were in there? Maybe, but the fact is those two are not healthy, so it doesn’t even matter.
I know I already mentioned the offensive line issues, but if they don’t get their act together, the Rams’ medical staff better reserve a room at Barns Jewish Hospital for Sam Bradford, because the opposition will put him in the hospital sooner than later.
And lastly, I will say this about the Rams. Sunday in the locker room I spoke with defensive end Chris Long who had a sack in the loss, and Long spoke very candidly about the game and I thoroughly appreciated it. He said this team is ‘underachieving.’ Steven Jackson was also up front about the team’s start thus far. To their credits they didn’t make up politically correct, pre-programmed statements, they took accountability and that’s a start. The Rams are saying all the right things, now on the field, they need to start doing all the right things.

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