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Rams need to simplify their approach

(News 4 Sports) -- It was as bad a half of football as I've seen any St. Louis Rams team play. I didn't think it was possible for one NFL team to gain 406 yards in one half. In college, yes, I've seen it happen. But the talent level disparity is far greater in college football. I won't let the offense off the hook but the defense is a MAJOR disappointment after making huge strides in 2010.
How do the Rams become competitive? It's got to be a back to the basics approach. Steve Spagnuolo and Ken Flajole will have to play more zone defense and not as much man to man with press coverage at the line of scrimmage. Ron Bartell's injury has exposed the Rams lack of depth at cornerback and every team will be taking notice of what the Ravens did.
On offense, Josh McDaniels is going to have to mix in a little "small ball" to keep Sam Bradford alive and get the Rams in some sort of rhythm. Shorter, quicker routes and quicker pass drops for Bradford can be mixed in. That and having Steven Jackson back and able to carry the ball 15 to 20 times a game should help Sunday against the Redskins. 
One other sin has to be eliminated. The Rams have to start playing clean football. Through three games, they have committed 24 penalties. They're on pace for a whopping 128 for the season. That won't help them right the ship.  

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