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Pickup truck hits bomb in Pakistan, 5 dead

KHAR, Pakistan (AP) -- A pickup truck carrying civilians hit a roadside bomb in northwest Pakistan near the Afghan border Thursday, killing at least five people, a government official said.
Another vehicle was damaged and several people were wounded in the incident, which occurred in the Chamarkand area of the Bajur tribal region, said Adalat Khan, a local government administrator.
Bajur is considered a militant stronghold and violence has persisted there since last year, when the military claimed that it had defeated Taliban and al-Qaida militants after more than a year of fighting.
Elsewhere in the northwest, security forces killed three militants and arrested two others who were holed up with weapons in a house in Mingora, the main town in the Swat Valley, said army spokesman Col. Arif Mahmood. Two of the militants were shot dead overnight by security forces, and the third blew himself up, said Mahmood.
The Taliban controlled Swat until the army launched a large offensive in 2009. Mingora has been fairly peaceful since then, but the clash could stoke fears of militant resurgence.

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