St. Louis police officers busting up burglaries -

St. Louis police officers busting up burglaries

(KMOV) - Police Officers in North St. Louis are arresting hundreds of burglars. Residential burglaries are up 23 percent this year.

Police say criminals are getting bolder, breaking into your home during the day.

We were there when police arrested a man for a burglary this morning. They say he broke into this home and stole a necklace right off a woman's neck. Police are targeting certain areas and the goal is to get your stuff back and stop the crime.

Captain Troy Doyle with St. Louis County Police says,
"we can not let criminals start dictating to us what times and when they're going to do the crimes they're gonna do. We have to be on the forefront of this issue." 
The operation started last month and already burglaries are down 37 percent.


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