More Facebook changes, introducing Ticker and a better News Feed -

More Facebook changes, introducing Ticker and a better News Feed

(CBS) - There's another Facebook update upon us! This time, it's your News Feed that got an overhaul. Plus, a Ticker is coming soon.

Today, Facebook announced changes to the way you get news on your page. Now, all news will be in a single stream with the most interesting stories feature at the top. It acts like a newspaper, says Facebook reps.

"When you pick up a newspaper after not reading it for a week, the front page quickly clues you into the most interesting stories. In the past, News Feed hasn't worked like that. Updates slide down in chronological order so it's tough to zero in on what matters most," explains Mark Tonkelowitz, an engineering manager at Facebook. "Now, News Feed will act more like your own personal newspaper. You won't have to worry about missing important stuff."

If you haven't visited Facebook in a long time, Tonkelowitz says not to worry. "The first things you'll see are top photos and statuses posted while you've been away. They're marked with an easy-to-spot blue corner," he says. "If you check Facebook more frequently, you'll see the most recent stories first. Photos will also be bigger and easier to enjoy while you're scrolling through."

There's also a feature called Ticker coming soon. Once this change rolls out, no matter where you are on Facebook, you'll see Ticker. It will be at the top, right hand corner of your screen. On Ticker, you'll be able to see what your friends are doing in real-time and will allow you to join in the conversation.

Check out the video above to see what some of these updates will look like.

What do you think of these Facebook updates? Love 'em or hate 'em?

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