Monday Rams Sports Update with Jeff Abeln -

Monday Rams Sports Update with Jeff Abeln

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By Bryce Moore By Bryce Moore


Monday Night Nightmare

Because the Rams continuously shoot themselves in the foot, we don’t know how good they can be, but because they continuously shoot themselves in the foot, we know exactly how bad they can be.

The red zone issues need to be fixed ASAP! I’ll admit it, I’ve never played a down of organized football, but I can’t imagine when you’re that close to the end zone, especially on the one-yard line, how difficult it is to score a touchdown! I mean the Rams weren’t going up against the “Steele Curtain.”  I know Steven Jackson was on the sidelines, but why didn’t the Rams use their 6’5 wide out Danario Alexander in the corner?

Speaking of Alexander, his play was one of the few positives to take out of Monday night’s debacle.  When they went deep to him, I had flash backs of last year’s Seattle game when he dropped a couple of big passes.  However, Monday “DX” came through and if the coaching staff wants to resurface this quickly sinking ship, they’ll use him multiple times per game, instead of making him ‘inactive’ as they did in week one.

So now the Rams are 0-2 heading into a meeting with Baltimore; yikes!  The Ravens aren’t as feared as they used to be but anytime Ray Lewis steps onto the field, you must be concerned if your job is to catch, run, or throw the football.  Lewis isn’t in this business to make tackles and record sacks, he wants to hurt people and he’s good at doing that.  Sam Bradford must be ten times more alert, his release must be quicker, and if necessary, be able to scramble faster as well. Lewis will be on a mission to put Bradford on the turf all day and if he does, there’s little hope for St. Louis to score their first victory of the season.

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