Survey: Significant drop in uninsured young adults -

Survey: Significant drop in uninsured young adults

WASHINGTON (AP) -- A new Gallup survey finds the number of young adults without health insurance dropped significantly since last year.
The likely reason: President Barack Obama's new health care law.
The Gallup findings translate to about 1 million more young adults gaining coverage.
The survey found that the share of young adults ages 18-25 without insurance dropped from 28 percent starting last fall to 24.2 percent by the middle of this year. That defies an overall trend of rising numbers of uninsured working-age Americans.
The health care law lets adult children stay on their parents' health insurance until they turn 26. Repealing the law, as Republicans want, would eliminate the requirement for employers to provide the benefit.
The administration is planning its own announcement on young adults' health insurance Wednesday.

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