SEC invites Mizzou to conference -

SEC invites Mizzou to conference

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

(News 4 Sports) -- The Southeastern Conference has an offer on the table inviting the University of Missouri to join its conference, according to a report in the Kansas City Star.

A Mizzou booster told KC Star reporter Mike DeArmond that the SEC approached Missouri and offered them a spot in the conference to become the 14th member. Missouri also received an overture from the SEC last year shortly after Mizzou's failed bid to attract an offer from the Big 10, according to the source.

Mizzou officials haven't publicly commented on the story. Mizzou's in the awkward position of having its Chancellor, Brady Deaton, also serving as the head of the movement to keep the floundering Big 12 conference afloat. With new reports of Texas, Texas Tech, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State strongly considering a jump to the Pac 12, Deaton may have to give up hope of saving the Big 12 and accepting the SEC's offer.

According to the Kansas City Star report the SEC is willing to wait for Missouri's answer until threats of legal action from Baylor University are resolved.

In my opinion, Mizzou should first make another phone call to Big 10 officials to see if there might soon be an opening there. The Big 10 would be a perfect fit for Missouri, and they'd make that switch in an instant if an offer were extended. If Mizzou is rebuffed again by the Big 10 then they should accept the SEC's offer. The Tigers figure to struggle competing in the SEC conference in football. The SEC has produced the last five national champions, but at this point, Mizzou can't afford to be too picky. The Big 10 may be the perfect fit, but the SEC is the next best option.


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