Here we go again with the Rams -

Here we go again with the Rams

(News 4 Sports) -- They can't really be this bad again, can they? How disappointing was that loss last night to the New York Giants?

Just when you start to think the Rams have turned the corner and are now a legitimate contender for the playoffs we see the same dismal offensive performance, frustrating penalties and untimely turnovers that we've been watching for the past five years.

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Where do you start when talking about how frustrating it is to be a fan of this team? We're told by every network analyst with a microphone that Sam Bradford is a future superstar and on the verge of producing gawdy numbers. It hasn't happened yet.

Bradford did pass for 331 yards last night, but he mis-fired on a lot of passes that could have changed the outcome. He completed only 22 of 46 passes. Granted, he was under pressure for many of those throws, but Bradford just has to get better when he's in a hurry to get rid of the ball. Right now his 28.6% completion rate when under duress is the lowest in the NFL since 2010. He made a few terrific throws last night, but also some very poor throws in the red zone when the Rams desperately needed a touchdown.

The offensive line continues to struggle despite being one of the highest paid lines in the league. Cadillac Williams looked great in week one against the Eagles but managed only 36 yards on 13 rushing attempts last night. Even worse, he gave up on the play where he dropped a backwards pass and Michael Boley returned the fumble 65 yards for a Giants touchdown. How many years in the league do you need under your belt to realize that a backwards pass that's dropped is a live ball. Apparently, Cadillac still doesn't know that. If he did, he could have easily run down Boley and saved the touchdown.

Don't get me started on the receivers. The Rams still don't have much speed at the position, except for Danario Alexander, and for some reason the coaching staff is relucatant to use him. Alexander wasn't even active in the season opener. He was the best receiver on the field last night catching three passes for 122 yards and a touchdown. Almost scored a second TD but was tackled at the one yard line. He's the best WR the Rams have but the coaches don't seem to recognize that.

Alexander ought to have 10 or more passes thrown to him every game. He's their only homerun threat. Greg Salas struggled in his first game under the Monday night spotlight. Mike Sims-Walker and Brandon Gibson don't scare anybody. Third round draft pick Austin Pettis hasn't been active for a game yet. It's really hard to believe the Rams still have not been able to find quality receivers. It's been a desperate need since Torry Holt left.

The schedule only gets harder from here. They've got Baltimore this Sunday followed by Washington, Green Bay, Dallas and New Orleans. It's hard to find any victories in that stretch. It looks very possible that the Rams could start the season at 0-and-7. That would almost certainly lead to dwindling crowds at the Dome, television blackouts and decreased interest in the team.

All that could add up to owner Stan Kroenke exploring the opportunity to move the team back to Los Angeles and into the nation's 2nd largest market. If the Rams have another dreadful season, and early returns would lead you to believe that's likely to happen, it's not a stretch to think it could affect their long term future in St. Louis.

--Doug Vaughn, News 4 Sports 


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