Govt's supported cell phones winding up in wrong hands -

Govt's supported cell phones winding up in wrong hands

Statement from a Life Wireless spokesperson:

"Life Wireless has been aware of the problems reported by Emil and is currently investigating. Upon Emil notifying Life Wireless of a fraudulent order we canceled the account and returned all monies to the Universal Service Fund.  No Universal Service Fund or other government money was misused as a result of this incident. Life Wireless has absorbed all costs related to this incident. As most of the costs fall on Life Wireless, it is in our own self interest to prevent fraud.
It is unfortunate that there are some dishonest people who attempt to take advantage of government and private companies.  Life Wireless works diligently to prevent  fraud upon our company, the Universal Service Fund and third parties like Emil. A majority of the orders placed by the salesman were stopped prior to shipment. Emil's order occurred prior to our fraud detection. Life Wireless continues to investigate this incident and will press charges upon final determination.  Life Wireless is working to be a good corporate citizen in Missouri.  Just this year, Life Wireless gave customers affected by the disasters in Joplin, Missouri free unlimited service to help stay close with their loved ones.

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