Neighbors protest Creve Coeur development idea -

Neighbors protest Creve Coeur development idea

A developer is asking the City of Creve Coeur for permission to bring a Chick-fil-A drive-thru restaurant and a bank to the site of a former Walgreens on Olive Boulevard. 

Current rules allow drive-thrus on three acre lots.  The proposed development would sit on less than two acres in the 1100 block of Olive.

A group of homeowners, who live near the site, but in St Louis County are circulating a petition - asking the city to maintain its current restrictions.

"We buy in this neighborhood with a certain expectation that the zoning laws are going to be followed," said Jill Hunt.

Neighbor, Linda Rezny, said she's concerned the relaxed rules would set a precedent, "Is Creve Coeur going to be a drive thru neighborhood or a place to live?"

Staff in the Planning and Zoning Department wrote a recommendation, saying the Planning and Zoning Commission should uphold current requirements for lots sizes.   Staff wrote that the plan does not fit into the city's "low-density residential image and character" and could create new traffic problems.

Staff added that if the commission wants relax standards for drive-thru restaurants, then the commission may want to consider a proposal that limits the potential number of drive-thru sites. 

On Sunday, Mayor Harold Dielmann said that the development would bring new tax dollars into the city and that it is time for the city to take another look at the lot size restrictions.  He added that it's a "tough decision to make".

The public hearing is scheduled for Monday, September 19th at 7 p.m. at the Creve Coeur Government Center at 300 North New Ballas road.

Once the Planning and Zoning Commission comes up with a recommendation, the city council will then vote on the proposal. 

If the developer's plan passes, the developer will still have to apply for a conditional use permit.

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