St. Peters police catch businesses serving alcohol to minors -

St. Peters police catch businesses serving alcohol to minors

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

ST. PETERS (KMOV) – Police in St. Peters say they’ve caught several businesses serving alcohol to minors.

Parrots Bar claims that a fill-in bartender checked the person’s license and miscalculated the age.

But it’s not just bats that are caught breaking the law, a local QuickTrip and Walgreens also violated the law.

The City of St. Peters recently selected about 106 businesses and found that a quarter of them broke the law. In nearly all of those cases, the employee was not being attentive when checking identification.

St. Peters police say this should serve as a wakeup call to businesses to train employees better. They also say it should send a stern warning to parents.

In this instance, Parrots Bar was not fined because this was the first time they were in violation of the law. However, they did get points on their liquor license.

The failure rate for businesses serving alcohol to minors in St. Peters was 25 percent. The state’s failure rate is much worse – 40 percent.

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