News 4 Investigates: Busted For Stealing Unemployment -

News 4 Investigates: Busted For Stealing Unemployment

The Missouri Department of Labor has busted more than 140 people for stealing unemployment benefits. According to a department spokesperson the office recovered 6.4 million in stolen benefits in 2010.

In most cases the individuals on the list filed for unemployment after losing their jobs, but continued to collect the payments after finding new jobs.

A North County woman told News 4 stealing the benefits became a habit, and it was the only way she could pay her bills. Frankie Hall was arrested and spent three days in jail after the state discovered she was stealing benefits. Hall said she continued collecting three hundred dollars a week after she found a new job, and must now pay back 7 thousand dollars.

According to the Department of Labor the state of Missouri is borrowing money from the federal government to pay benefits. Missouri is currently 780 million dollars in the hole.


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