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74 Dogs rescued from breeding facility near Crane, Missouri


(KMOV)-- Seventy-four dogs were rescued from a double-wide trailer near Crane, Missouri Friday night.
The Missouri Department of Agriculture found the Standard Collies and Bichon Frises at the licensed breeding facility during a routine inspection Thursday.
The MDA noticed numerous wire crates where the 33 adult dogs and 41 puppies were living in their own waste. Inspectors say the carpeting was soaked with urine and feces, and they call the odor overwhelming. The dogs were found covered in mud, feces, and urine.
Several sick and lethargic dogs were reportedly found in the inspection. Officials believe they had gone without veterinary care.
The animals arrived at the Humane Society of Missouri’s headquarters on Macklind Avenue in St. Louis Saturday morning.
The MDA says the breeder’s license has been revoked.
A disposition to determine permanent custody of the dogs will be held February 28 in Galena, Missouri. If custody is awarded to the Humane Society, the dogs will be made available for adoption once they are healthy.

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