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Teen killed after being struck by tow truck

MANCHESTER (KMOV) – A teenager was killed after he was struck by a tow truck while he was running across Highway 141 near Manchester Road on Friday evening.

The accident shut down Highway 141 for more than two hours.

The victim has been identified as Alexander Harvey Springsteen, 17, from Manchester, Missouri.  Police said Springsteen and two friends were trying to cross the southbound lanes of Highway 141 when a tow truck struck the teen. 

Witnesses called 9-1-1, but the teen’s injuries were too severe. He died at the hospital.

Police are not yet saying whether the teen crossed with or against the signal.

Joe Hiles, who is a close family friend and mentor to Alex said, "This is very tragic but the family does not harbor any resentment toward the tow truck driver.  We know it was not the driver's fault."

Hiles wants it to be known that his family's "heart goes out to the driver."

The tow truck driver will not face charges.

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