Preparing for a terror attack in St. Louis -

Preparing for a terror attack in St. Louis

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

(KMOV) – Terrorism is always top of mind.

That statement is not from New York. It’s from St. Louis Emergency Management.

Chemical and nuclear attacks in the area are a real threat, and they create a real problem in preparing the public without creating panic.

Nick Gragnani with St. Louis Area Regional Response System says an airport-style attack like the recent one in Moscow is a definite possibility here.

A new public awareness campaign for the whole St. Louis area rolls out in the next few weeks. This includes commercials, seminars and information on a chemical or nuclear attack in St. Louis.

If you're involved in a chemical or nuclear attack, leave the scene and get indoors, surrounding yourself with as much concrete as possible.  And remove your clothes.  Your clothes are going to contain 75 to 90% of the contamination.

Also, look out for information from emergency leaders on how to use a program called Nixle, where you can sign up for emergency alerts in your area.

Ultimately, emergency management leaders are focused on avoiding an attack altogether, and in that you can play a huge roll by knowing your neighborhood and reporting anything that looks suspicious.

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