Soulard apartments for rent during Mardi Gras week -

Soulard apartments for rent during Mardi Gras week

Red Brick Management at will be renting up to 20 vacant apartments in Soulard during the week of Mardi Gras (March 3rd - 10th) for a thousand dollars a week.

They say they've done this in recent years but want to get the word out to get some more business.

They say, "instead of staying in hotels many blocks away, having to take cabs or fight the crowds and lines for restrooms, people can have their own space in the heart of the Mardi Gras party."

That's a good point. 

One of the buildings with apartments for rent is a former fire station.  Looks really cool from the outside.

Allison Mattingly of Red Brick says people take very good care of the apartments during Mardi Gras week.  I was surprised to hear that.

Of course, they put plastic over the carpeting and there's also the matter of getting that $500 security deposit back.  There's some motivation to keep the place up!

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