The family of a St. Louis Sheriff's Deputy shot and killed says it wants answers -

The family of a St. Louis Sheriff's Deputy shot and killed says it wants answers

(KMOV)  - Police are still trying to sort out what happened before a St. Louis police officer shot and killed an off duty St. Louis City sheriff's deputy late Thursday night. The deputy's family tells News 4 they cant get any information from police..

53-year-old Timothy Kern was shot and killed when police say he pulled out his pistol and pointed it at the offier. There's a lot they still don't know. The family says its because of the holiday police are telling them they have to wait until Monday. St. Louis City Police say this is an ongoing investigation.

"Why do I have to read about what happened to my father online, instead of hearing it from an official," says daughter Tosha Porter. Angry and frustrated, the family of Timothy Kern questions what really happened at the intersection of Dover, right where Michigan and Virginia meet, around 10:30 last night. She says, "It doesn't make any sense and we'd like more answers."

St. Louis city police say Kern was standing in the middle of the street blocking traffic and yelling at another man. They approched him and it was then police say Kern pulled out his gun and turned to the officers. That's when one of them shot Kern several times.

William Hall, a witness says, "I came to the front door and saw the officer standing over the guy and it looked like he had fired his last shot." Sister Deborah Moyer says her brother didn't deserve to get shot that many times.  

Jeremiah Kern, his son tells News 4 if there was something going on he would always announce he's a sheriff's deputy. The city police department has a different story though. A spokesperson tells News 4 Kern wasn't in uniform and did not identify himself as a deputy.
Regardless, his family just wants to know what really happened on Dover Street last night?
His sister says, "just please let us know what's going on. We need more answers. He leaves behind 3 children and 8 grandchildren."
The investigation is ongoing. For now, the police officer who shot Kern is on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation.

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