St. Louis city decides to salt all residential streets to clear -

St. Louis city decides to salt all residential streets to clear ice

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By Lakisha Jackson By Lakisha Jackson

(KMOV)--Icy streets continue to pose a danger for area drivers. For the first time in years, St. Louis city workers were going to neighborhoods, answering your calls for help. But workers were so bombarded with calls they took a more drastic action.

The requests to salt side streets and complaints grew so large, the city decided to salt all the residential streets. This was the first time in over a decade.
The city dispatched 50 trucks to spread salt on all the icy side streets.

St. Louis Streets Director Todd Waeltermann says, "You know the salt's not going to do much at this temperature. The sand's going to provide a little traction. The key is tomorrow, we're liable to see 36, 37 degrees that's going to make that stuff pop."

But without the salt, the city realized it could take several more days for the thick ice on shaded streets to melt, even with above freezing temperatures.

The sidewalks are your problem and here is some info that could help.

You could use ice melt, but it's going to take a ton to get through a thick sheet of ice.
You could use kitty litter for traction. Hardware stores sell it in large quantities as a substance to soak up oil spills. Or you could use sand.

Residents who would like to have the city salt their street can call the St. Louis Citizen Action Hotline at: (314) 622-4800.


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