Shorts banned from St. Louis County courthouses -

Shorts banned from St. Louis County courthouses

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

( – An article of clothing has some judges asking people to leave the courthouse for dressing inappropriately.

Shorts have been banned from the St. Louis County Courthouse. But according to courthouse administrator Paul Fox, short shorts are causing issues.

Associate Circuit Judge Mary Schroeder requested that signs be put up to remind visitors that any shorts are too casual for the courtroom.

Those who show up wearing shorts will either be asked to go home or the judge will say something. Judge Schroeder makes visitors wait until the end of the docket.

“Some might not know better. Some might not care. Some might not even think about it. It may just be what they have to wear,” said a resident about the issue.

Not all visitors know what to wear because they have not necessarily met with an attorney beforehand.

“If you’re coming to court with short shorts or t-shirts that have dirty words on them, you’re probably not putting your best foot forward,” said Paul Fox. 

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