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60Th Anniversary: 70s and 80s programming

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(KMOV.com) – KMOV has been fortunate enough to bring you some of the best local programming in the last 60 years. The 70s and 80s drew us in with both game shows, educational news shows and family friendly programming that kept viewers on the edge of their seats.

Games shows entertained daytime viewers in the 70s and 80s with D.B.’s Delight, a quiz show hosted by Bobby Day. Quiz show Lucky Liberty also wowed audiences with a twist, a bicentennial theme.

But things also got serious when anchor Max Roby gave viewers an exclusive tour of the Missouri Governor’s mansion with first lady, Betty Hearnes in 1970. Four decades went by with local shows like The People Speak and Eye on St. Louis with hose Parker Wheatley. Newsmakers also made a mark as the longest running news discussion program in the area, hosted by Betsy Bruce.

But KMOV would not be the family friendly news network without special programming for youngsters. In the 70s, the KMOV newsroom produced the series When I Grow up, where young kids learn about different occupation opportunities they can pursuit in their adulthood.

Local programming continued into the 90s with kids’ shows like Gator Tales hosted by Bobby Norfolk. Gator Tales emphasized the importance of good character values and self-esteem with mischievous puppet Grouchie Gator and his friends. Each episode ended with a moral lesson associated with the problem at hand.

While children programming was important, it was also important to provide fun, lighthearted programming for adults too. That’s when the show Night Moves aired in the 80s. The KMOV studios were transformed into a night club and musicians took the stage.

With entertainment, news and educational programming for kids, the 70s and 80s made a mark in the way you and your family view and appreciate television programming. 

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