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60Th Anniversary: 1960's in St. Louis as seen through the KMOX-TV lens

 ST. LOUIS, Mo. -- The 1960's; a decade of political, historical and cultural changes we'd never seen before and TV was here to show it all.

We saw the dawn of a new political generation and the dreams of that generation die in Dallas, Texas.
We saw our young men at war halfway across the world like we never had before, thanks to television.
And we saw that war divide Americans at home.
In 1968, two more assassinations rocked the country and a people at long last- demanding civil rights.
St. Louis in the 60s was actually more peaceful than most cities in the United States.
Just as Dr. King was marching on Washington, St. Louisans launched their own protests against Jefferson Bank; the bank and other businesses in St. Louis would not hire African Americans city wide.  
The peaceful protest started outside, but after a few hours it moved inside.   Protest organizers were arrested and the protest became a cause.  The result the banking industry and other companies started employing African Americans, but it was not an easy fight 
Also that year, the Highland fire.  A fire that started in the basement of the restaurant, but eventually engulfed the entire park.
The city was growing and changing.  The Arch was taking shape, the Cardinals won the pennant just as a new ballpark was built.  Downtown St. Louis was evolving and Channel 4 wanted to be in the thick of things.
One attempt to rejuvenate downtown and the riverfront in the sixties didn't go so well.  Mayor Alfonso Cervantes brought an 80-foot replica of the Santa Maria to the riverfront in March, 1969. Just 4-months later, it was ripped from its moorings during a thunderstorm and sunk.
The boat, which cost civic-minded donors 375,000 dollars was sold for a buck.  It was gone by 1973.

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