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60Th Anniversary: A look at Julius Hunter's News 4 career

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 ST. LOUIS, Mo. --   During his many decades here, Julius Hunter interviewed presidents from Gerald Ford through Bill Clinton.

During his 1982 exclusive interview with President Reagan, Julius scooped the nation, learning that Reagan’s chief economic adviser, Murray Wiedenbaum, was resigning.

The story topped the network news.
A proud moment, but Julius had another special memory from that interview.
"My daughter, who was 12 at the time, headed out to school that morning and she wrote a note that said, "Dad, good luck with the interview with the president today. Ask intelligent questions. Please do not embarrass me. Love, Jennifer,” Hunter recalled. "So before I started the interview, I show that to President Reagan. He looked at it, chuckled, and said ‘give me some paper.’ and he wrote before the interview, "Dear Jennifer, your father did a wonderful job. You should be proud of him. Ronald Reagan."
During his career, Hunter spoke at countless St. Louis schools and public events.  He said he hears about those talks all the time.
“I meet people who look far older than I, who say ‘you won't remember me but you spoke at my high school graduation,’’’ Hunter said.  “They remember my message which I have been giving for a long time and that was from my grandmother and it was ‘if you ever need a helping hand, first try the one at the end of your arm.’ and there are people who remember that from 15, 20, 30 years ago. And that makes me feel good!”
Already an accomplished author, Julius is currently working on his first novel.  It's based on a true story from the early history of St. Louis.

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