Illegal dumping becomes problem on Alton street, city leader wan -

Illegal dumping becomes problem on Alton street, city leader wants it barricaded

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( – An Alton councilwoman wants to barricade off a stretch of road because people are illegally dumping on a nearby lot.

Ward 2 Councilwoman Carolyn Macafee wants to block off a stretch of Market near an empty lot where trash is being dumped. People have been dumping sofas, bathtubs, and even Jacuzzi parts at a lot near the intersection of Market and 8th Street.

“I don’t like it and I know the people that live in this city don’t like it either,” Macafee said.

Ward is proposing the city barricade off Market, which is only a one way street, so vehicles can’t access it.

“It was a better option than having police patrol, because then they would have to do it on a daily basis,” Macafee said.

Lloyd Cook, who owns the lot said he is supportive of whatever means the city has at its disposal to stop people from dumping on the lot.

“Since I’ve owned the property, I’ve paid over a thousand dollars in dump fees and cleanup fees,” Cook said.

Members of the Alton City Council are scheduled to discuss and approve the proposal at a meeting Wednesday. If approved, the barricades may not be up for several weeks.

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