Jennings woman wants problem property next door torn down -

Jennings woman wants problem property next door torn down

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( – A Jennings woman said a home next door is becoming an eyesore.

Dana White told News 4 a home next door has been that has been abandoned has been attracting wild animals such as raccoons. White said she wants the home to be torn down.

St. Louis Animal Control told News 4 it does not have the authority to remove the raccoons, it said it is up to municipalities to take care of the problem. White said Jennings has yet to address the problem.

“They cut the grass probably about once or twice a month, that’s problem within itself,” White said. “Just look at the house, it’s a problem. It’s steadily deteriorating.”

The Jennings Deputy Building Commissioner said the city is dealing with other problem properties, and that it can’t always afford to tear such buildings down.

White does not buy the city’s line and said demolition should be a priority.

Jennings does not own the property, which has not had the property taxes paid on it since 2006. Jennings has a lien on the house for grass cutting that began in 2011. The city said demolition would cost $7,000-$10,000.

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