Lincoln Co. town cracking down on problem properties -

Lincoln Co. town cracking down on problem properties

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( – Elsberry officials said they cracking down on problem properties.

Officials told News 4 the town has considered stepping up enforcement for several years because they believe it is becoming a town where nobody wants to stop.

“Elsberry used to be a clean, neat little town, now it’s kind of falling apart,” said Elsberry Mayor Terry Martin.

In May, the town decided to crack down on property owners who violated the city’s code, first authorities sent out warnings.

“Things weren’t happening, they were not getting cleaned up,” Martin said.

Police said they have written 50 code violations over the course of two months, before the recent push, officials said they averaged around 10 per month.

“Tall grass, debris in yards, abandoned homes, windows broken, doors missing, derelict vehicles,” said Elsberry Fire Chief Robert Bodley.

Violations can cost a property owner thousands of dollars. Officials said there have been many repeat offenders, so they began to write summons.

One property owner who is accused of 9 violations has decided to fight fines in court.

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